The Showdown!

Welcome back, my geeky darlings! Michelle and I are proud to debut a new segment here at BF Geek Girls: The Showdown. We both agree that one of the most interesting aspects of our relationship is our ability to have differing opinions about so many things, including the media we geek about regularly. We might like the same film, but our reasoning and rationale can be entirely opposing. This often leads to fascinating (and tangential) conversations about almost every topic under the sun. And, occasionally, we disagree entirely about a show or a book, but we manage to maintain our respect and love for each other long after we clear away the debris from our argument. We remember, at the end of it all, that differences are what make life truly interesting; so long as we keep in mind that our continued friendship (peace and harmony) is what matters above what makes us unique as individual sentient beings. So, with a little help from some Avengers and recording software, we watched and debated the merits of Team Iron Man versus Team Cap (and we might be adding the recording later as a podcast). We hope you enjoy, and as always, stay geeky!


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