A Fantastic Review


*Probably. I’m not altogether certain where this post is going to go, tbh. So, incase there end up being some, consider yourselves warned. Reading past this point is really a gamble on your part either way.

Before I get into the actual post I just wanted to apologize for getting this week’s post out a few days late. I had family things to attend to on our regular posting day.

And now the post!

J.J. and I saw Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them this afternoon; and, naturally, we have decided to share our thoughts with all of you!



If everything else about the movie sucked, I would still love it because of this delightful little creature. I want this niffler to have his own television series (6 seasons and a movie!). Scamander’s niffler is responsible for getting the “plot” of the movie going, but what he is really responsible for is stealing the entire movie. Honestly, if you don’t fall in love with this weird little platypus-mole-kiwi lookin’ thing…on second thought, never mind. It is literally not possible for anyone to not love this sassy little clepto. Even if you didn’t love him, he’d just steal your heart anyway (assuming it’s shiny enough).

I could keep going on about how much I love this niffler, but I should probably move on to other things before this goes from movie review to  love letter to a niffler. But, seriously, I love this niffler the way Pawnee loves Lil’ Sebastian (guess which show I recently re-watched!).

World Building

I’m a fan of it. This movie did a spectacular job of setting up the wizarding community in America. We got to see how the wizarding community in America was different from and similar to the wizarding community in the UK. A key difference between wizarding communities, in Britain and America, is the policy on relationships with muggles, or no-majs. Wizards in America are not legally allowed to form any type of relationship with a no-maj, and this is a concept that helps add some sense of plot to the movie. We also got a look at a magical creature that is native to North America, which was super awesome. Turns out this is also a “plot point”, but it isn’t revealed until much later in the movie. I love this movie because it really does an excellent job of expanding the wizarding world we’ve come to know and love.

The Creatures

Honestly, the creatures were just amazing. The cgi was just absolutely fantastic. I may have forgotten that these creatures weren’t actually on set (or, you know, “real”), and that, consequently, niffler-wrangler is not actually a job I can apply for (-_-).  It was also just pure fun to watch Newt and Kowalski run around New York trying to catch all these escaped beasts. Oh, the shenanigans.



The plot of the movie is fairly farcical, in that I encourage you not to try and find or follow it. Honestly, it was pretty much pure exposition (with some very hilarious chase scenes thrown in). It set up the world of wizards in America, introduced the Magical Congress of The United States of America, introduced issues facing the wizarding community (the New Salem-ers were particularly horrifying for this witch *shudders*), introduced a villain, and introduced a lovable bunch of misfits who turn out to be hero material.  But that’s about it.

I’m actually really ok with this. I wasn’t really expecting much in terms of plot, and was actually pleasantly surprised with what I got. However, I don’t know if this was strong enough to be a stand alone movie. Kids will enjoy it because it’s funny and the creatures are amazing, fans of Harry Potter will love it for its world building, but I don’t know that anyone outside of these groups would be able to watch this movie without getting massively confused.

Eddie Redmayne’s Performance

The reason this is here is because I felt his portrayal of Newt Scamander was very reminiscent of his performance in The Danish Girl (which was phenomenal, by the way). I very much like the character Redmayne developed for Newt, but there was something about his speech patterns and body language that brought me back to his performance of Einar. This, unfortunately, took me out of the world of Fantastic Beasts and disrupted an other wise very immersive experience. If you haven’t seen The Danish Girl, or don’t really remember it all that well, this wont be an issue for you.


Overall, I loved this movie. It was a lot of fun and full of memorable characters. All of the actors gave amazing performances and the pacing was excellent. I highly recommend seeing this movie in theaters as these fantastic beasts really do deserve to be seen on a big screen. I hope we get to come back to this world soon! Also, MORE NIFFLER!

As always, be excellent to each other and geek on!

~Michelle Renée

p.s. Can someone out there look into getting me a niffler? I seriously need one.


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