At (BF) Geek Girls, we strive to create a positive, safe environment for discussing all things geeky and fandom related. But really, we are just two friends who like to nerd out. A lot. The “BF” stands for Big Fake, because as kids and then as adults, girls typically have┬átheir nerd-cred challenged, leading to the term “fake geek girl”. This is something that we choose to embrace, because while we like to fangirl we don’t take ourselves too seriously (unlike some…). But we want more people to fully accept and enjoy the things that they love, without the fear of being judged or labelled based on their level of “knowledge” and “dedication” to their geekery. We will probably talk about whatever strikes our fancy at the moment, but we are more than willing to tackle ideas and issues that you, our readers, suggest. Please feel free to engage, and boldly go, and believe in magic… or, you know, whatever. Thanks for stopping by!

— Michelle and J.J.